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"The Board wishes to thank Doll Martin Associates
for its excellent work in completing the plan.
We regard it as a high quality document which
has given us much to think about and to
undertake over the next few months.” 


Our Services

Strategy & PLanning

A clear strategy and a solid plan are essential tools in mitigating business risk, improving services provision and being able to capitalise on opportunities as they arise. We help you to articulate your direction, develop clear business goals, identify risks and define pragmatic approaches to improve business performance. 


Information & Analytics

Organisations live by their information. As volumes of data increase, so do the challenges in converting this mass of data into meaningful insights. Data quality issues and slapdash analytics can leave you blind to the real condition of your business. We help you avoid that by laying the foundations of solid information management and architecture and building objectives-driven, quality-assured, and sustainable data analytics approaches. 

Privacy & Data Protection

Few aspects of business are developing as rapidly as privacy and data protection. As organisations take advantage of data, big or small, they are left increasingly open to misuse and data breaches. Compliance with government and industry regulation is a first step, but we go further to help you understand what your responsibilities in the changing privacy landscape are, and where the real risks to your business lie. 


Policy & Governance

Navigating the policy sphere can be difficult work. Good policy must support your business objectives, requirements, and outcomes. It must be able to be effectively governed, practically implemented and economically viable. Our policy approach comes from a deep understanding of how policy decisions work in practice. We develop policy with outcomes in mind, we guide the process  required to implement it, and we provide the tools to evaluate its effectiveness once implemented.

Transformation & Change

Businesses evolve and change to meet completing priorities of time, resources, expectations and funds. We work with you to deliver this transformation by structuring your problems and issues as manageable components. By analysing your business requirements, we can prepare and manage the best approach to achieving meaningful and sustainable change. Delivered to suit your business needs, environment and risk appetite. 

Performance & Realisation

Ultimately the success of a business depends on whether it achieves its objectives and realises its benefits. As such, businesses need to routinely measure and evaluate their achievement. We can assist in defining your business goals, setting targets, measuring performance and realising your potential. From back-of-house to customer engagement, we have worked with a diverse range of businesses to create an environment of continuous improvement. 

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