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"The Board wishes to thank Doll Martin Associates
for its excellent work in completing the plan.
We regard it as a high quality document which
has given us much to think about and to
undertake over the next few months.” 


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Strategy and PolicY

An organisation's strategies and policies encapsulate the how, what, when and why of the business. Strategies and policies that are realistic, current and understandable determine an organisation's direction and growth. Strategic planning is essential to the development of operational systems that hold quality information to meet business needs.

As the old maxim goes, those that fail to plan, plan to fail.

Governance and Performance

Where strategy and policy guides good work, achieving the desired outcomes, depends on good business performance and strong governance. Improved business performance is facilitated by arriving at a clear understanding of business's goals, risks, and strategies. Performance and benefit measurement provides the mechanism which informs your business of the success of your corporate direction and strategy. Knowing what to measure, how to measure it, and how to report it is what leads to effective benefit and performance realisation.


Information and Privacy

In this era of rapidly expanding data reserves, most organisations struggle to utilise their information effectively.  In the absence of effective information management, strong data quality and objective-based analytics programs, it becomes increasingly difficult to respond to competitive or government business pressures to improve customer service, increase agility or optimise operations.

Transformation & Change

Businesses evolve and change to meet completing priorities of time, resources, expectations and funds. We work with you to deliver this transformation by structuring your problems and issues as manageable components. By analysing your business requirements, we can prepare and manage the best approach to achieving meaningful and sustainable change. Delivered to suit your business needs, environment and risk appetite. 

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