Organisations live by their information. Information is the engine that drives business for any organisation.

Information is a corporate resource that creates value when it is used to accomplish business objectives. 

Information management is broader than just information technology. It is about developing policies, frameworks, architectures, definitions, standards and governance so that everyone in an organisation has a common understanding of the scope, meaning, boundaries and location of the information they need to service their clients. It applies to information in all of its forms and storage media. 

A clear and pragmatic information management plan, integral to the corporate framework, provides an excellent start in the race to increase business opportunities and service delivery.


Doll Martin Associates has the expertise to help you with:

  • Architecture & Frameworks
  • Inventory Access & Use
  • Information Privacy & Security
  • Analytics, Quality & Audit
  • Taxonomies, Dictionaries & Metadata
  • Documents and Records 
  • Standards, Methodologies & Guidelines