Are “outcomes” always outcomes? What are the data implications?

Good performance management requires priorities, objectives and outcome expectations to be aligned at all organisational levels. It requires the development of information that is useful for decision-making and contributes to better outcome reporting. An outcome indicator is a yardstick used in forming judgements about the extent of achievement of an objective - though it does not, it should be noted, of itself make the judgement.

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What’s your ROI on cybersecurity?

How well does the following description fit your organisation? Around 100 – 150 FTE staff, a website and social media presence and with remote access for staff? Based on real-life examples, a similar organisation could face a cyber threat once every 5 - 7 seconds. That threat could well lead to a security event that nobody will welcome during the Christmas and holiday season.

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What governance structure works best for collaborative sites?

Technology enabling users to contribute content began in the 1990s with bulletin boards and then intranets and extranets (which are distinguished by their internal audience). Today anybody can contribute and distribute content through social media, Wikipedia, and news sites; but the question is how wide participation can be encouraged without sacrificing consistency, searchability and content verity?

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