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Cybersecurity – A Brave New World

As a tragic lover of all things Harry Potter, the following quote from the Chamber of Secrets sums cybersecurity up for me: “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.

We tend to think of cybersecurity as not our problem, but one that it belongs to IT. But does it really? Cybersecurity needs to be lifted out of the realms of I, it is everybody’s responsibility. Good cybersecurity knowledge is a key component in keeping an individual’s private information safe in the new digital age.

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What is Privacy Awareness? Privacy Awareness Week 2019

This year, Privacy Awareness Week runs from 12 - 18 May 2019 and there are a number of very relevant messages being touted by the many organisations involved. There are also considerable resources available that provide straight forward advice and guidance on privacy obligations and options, including help identifying aspects to not be concerned about.  Data collection and privacy ‘challenges’ are increasingly complex and yet increasingly crucial for organisations in creating and maintaining people’s trust and meeting the expectations for services delivered. Government agencies and private companies need to start by knowing their privacy obligations; this is what privacy awareness is about.

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Why I won't be opting out of My Health Record

Over the last six months, I have frequently been asked by people who know about my involvement with eHealth whether I am opting out or staying in My Health Record. To me, there is only one answer – of course I am staying in!  There may be limitations today but it is only by participating that we will see improvements in the quality of information and the real longer term value of the record in supporting health care.

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Applying Data Science to Social Engineering – good or evil?

Social engineering has been around for a long time and efforts have traditionally been overt, for example on the spot fines for littering or more subtle for example, posters urging people not to litter, placing bins at convenient places.However, what is new is the application of data science to social engineering. Masses of data is being collected by search engines, social media, website cookies, apps and CCTVs. The technology is here now to link these collections as input to social engineering programs to influence social outcomes.

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