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Cybersecurity – A Brave New World

As a tragic lover of all things Harry Potter, the following quote from the Chamber of Secrets sums cybersecurity up for me: “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.

We tend to think of cybersecurity as not our problem, but one that it belongs to IT. But does it really? Cybersecurity needs to be lifted out of the realms of I, it is everybody’s responsibility. Good cybersecurity knowledge is a key component in keeping an individual’s private information safe in the new digital age.

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What is Privacy Awareness? Privacy Awareness Week 2019

This year, Privacy Awareness Week runs from 12 - 18 May 2019 and there are a number of very relevant messages being touted by the many organisations involved. There are also considerable resources available that provide straight forward advice and guidance on privacy obligations and options, including help identifying aspects to not be concerned about.  Data collection and privacy ‘challenges’ are increasingly complex and yet increasingly crucial for organisations in creating and maintaining people’s trust and meeting the expectations for services delivered. Government agencies and private companies need to start by knowing their privacy obligations; this is what privacy awareness is about.

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The GDPR: The new data protection requirement impacting Australian organisations in 2018

A significant new data protection requirements are being introduced in May 2018 that will impact Australian organisations.  This is the European Union General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

The GDPR contains new data protection requirements that will apply from 25 May 2018.  Although this is an EU regulation, it has broad coverage that will affect many Australian businesses, educational institutions and Government agencies.

Australian businesses should determine whether they need to comply with the GDPR and if so, take steps now to ensure their personal data handling practices comply with the GDPR before its commencement.

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What’s your ROI on cybersecurity?

How well does the following description fit your organisation? Around 100 – 150 FTE staff, a website and social media presence and with remote access for staff? Based on real-life examples, a similar organisation could face a cyber threat once every 5 - 7 seconds. That threat could well lead to a security event that nobody will welcome during the Christmas and holiday season.

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