Doll Martin Associates assists IPC with data breach guidance

The NSW Information and Privacy Commission has just released the NSW IPC Data Breach Guidance document that explains what a data breach is and what should be done when one occurs.

It contains a set of frequently asked questions, and informs executives, managers and staff of what good practice is in prevention and response.

Doll Martin Associates assisted the IPC in the development of the Data Breach Guidance document. We can assist other agencies in understanding the ramifications of a data breach, and in establishing prevention and response good practice. 

The data breach guidelines align with the OAIC data breach reporting principles, as well as those of the the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, The GDPR has mandatory notification requirements in the event of a data breach, so any agency that collects, uses or processes personal data about citizens of the European Union (for example, provides goods or services to individuals) will need to ensure they are not caught out. We can assist you in understanding your obligations and preparing for the both the OAIC and GDPR schemes.

You can find the Data Breach Guidance here:

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