Doll Martin Associates' ICT Gateways Quality Service

Doll Martin Associates (DMA) is pleased to announce its ICT Gateways Quality Service, provided by a team of highly experienced DMA consultants who are trained and certified ICT Assurance Gateway Reviewers. This team will help your staff to better prepare for, and present to, a typical Gateway review at any of the 6 key gates by providing a pre-Gateway status assessment with recommendations. DMA has an outstanding record of successfully assisting preparation for, or participation in, 14 major gate reviews over the last 5 years in agencies ranging across Emergency Services, Health, Local Government, Justice, Transport and other sectors.

The benefits to an agency using DMA’s Gateways Quality Service include:

  •  Improved ability and confidence to pass each Gateway;

  • Reducing the amount of time and cost resulting from Gateway review preparation and rework;

  • Identification of project improvement opportunities;

  • More accurate project estimates and scoping;

  • Helping to overcome ‘group think’ in project teams.

NSW ICT Assurance Gateway reviews strengthen the governance and oversight of major ICT projects, and assist NSW agencies to deliver their projects on-budget and on-time and in accord with its objectives. They provide the NSW Government, as the investor, with a level of confidence that the State’s programs and projects are being effectively developed and delivered in accordance with the Government’s objectives.

Gateway entails peer reviews conducted by independent experts at 6 key decision points (or gates) in a ICT project or program’s lifecycle. Gateway reviews provide independent assessments to complement agency internal assurance arrangements and support a delivery agency to achieve successful outcomes.

As you move into the first quarter of 2019 and your annual budget planning cycle, the DMA ICT Gateways Quality Service team is ready to help you prepare for your major procurement projects and associated gate reviews.

If you would like to discuss how this DMA team can help you, please call us on 02 9211 6200 or drop us an email at or via the button below.


(Reference: NSW Treasury Circular TC17-03, NSW Gateway Policy)