21st Century Hospital Quarantines: The Victorian Healthcare Data Breach

On the 30th of September 2019, it was revealed that several hospitals and healthcare service providers across the Gippsland and South West regions of Victoria were compromised in a major data breach. This breach, believed to be a ransomware attack, has resulted in restricted access to key systems in the healthcare ecosystem, including financial management and patient booking. Emergency services currently remain unaffected and are functioning as normal. The relevant healthcare authorities are working with Victoria Police and the Australian Cyber Security Centre in order to address the breach.

This incident has led to the quarantine of several servers utilized by the healthcare system, representing a new phase in healthcare: digital quarantines to contain cyber-threats.

In certain cases, hospitals have reverted to manual systems in an effort to maintain their services, and affected hospitals are working to minimize the effect of this data breach on their patients’ health and their privacy.

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