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Strategy and Policy

An organisation's strategies and policies encapsulate the how, what, when and why of the business. Strategies and policies that are realistic, current and understandable determine an organisation's direction and growth.

As the old maxim goes, those that fail to plan, plan to fail. 

Strategies enable the planning and progression of the business to be efficient and guided.  They link corporate direction and business objectives to the operational aspects of the business through plans for critical matters such as performance, information, digital and information technology, business intelligence, communications and transitional change.

Strategic planning is essential to the development of operational systems that hold quality information to meet business needs.  We can take clients from innovative ideas through policy development, feasibility and business cases to the management and realisation of benefits, the mitigation of risk and corporate reporting. 

Strategies must be consistent with the development of well-considered and workable policies. We have a deep understanding of the full policy development cycle, from determining options for achieving a particular policy objective, selection and design of policy to achieve the outcomes being sought through to identifying the criteria required to evaluate the impact of the policy.  We understand the complexity of policy development in the public sector and have extensive experience in identifying and consulting with groups that policy change may affect.

We can assist you with identifying and assessing the feasibility of policy options, quantifying and costing the risks and impact of new or changed policy, defining performance indicators and undertaking benchmarking studies to provide a baseline, developing policy evaluation frameworks and conducting data audits to make sure that the right data is available for evaluation. 

Our strategy and policy services include:

Policy Development

Corporate Planning

Strategic Planning

Program Development

Business Case Development

Digital Advisory


Governance and Performance

Where strategy and policy guides good work, achieving the desired outcomes, depends on good business performance and strong governance. Improved business performance is facilitated by arriving at a clear understanding of business's goals, risks, and strategies. Performance and benefit measurement provides the mechanism which informs your business of the success of your corporate direction and strategy. Knowing what to measure, how to measure it, and how to report it is what leads to effective benefit and performance realisation. 

We can assist you to establish the governance arrangements required for implementing policies, programs and projects, optimising business-as-usual good practice, and improving organisational performance. By confirming the regulatory and reporting business context, determining structure, roles and responsibilities, developing guiding concepts and processes you can drive business value, reducing risk and improving quality and services.

Performance scorecards and benefits management frameworks that link to the information requirements of the organisation ensure that the effectiveness of corporate and business plans is enhanced.  Changes in business focus and drivers can be properly reflected, while ensuring currency is maintained with regard to industry standards, benchmarks, and customer expectations.

We conduct reviews, assessments, health checks, analyses and evaluations of and for clients for a range of business reasons. These can include status reviews, operational reviews, implementation reviews and performance reviews. Our aim with all types of reviews is to provide factual reporting against documented needs and to recommend appropriate actions

Our governance and performance services include:

Governance Development

Benefits Realisation

Policy Evaluation

Performance Measurement & Review

Operational Review

Risk & Compliance

Information and Privacy

In this era of rapidly expanding data reserves, most organisations struggle to utilise their information effectively.  In the absence of effective information management, strong data quality and objective-based analytics programs, it becomes increasingly difficult to respond to competitive or government business pressures to improve customer service, increase agility or optimise operations.

We are specialists in understanding and bridging these areas of business. Information management encompasses the concepts, functions and frameworks needed to manage information in all of its forms - structured, unstructured, spatial, digital, physical - throughout its lifecycle, so that everyone in an organisation has a common understanding of the scope, nature, meaning and location of their information. 

Information value can be maximised if it is managed as a corporate resource, like all other business assets. It is from this position of strong information management that we develop objective-driven and sustainable data analytics strategies and programs.

As businesses adjust to their place in this shifting landscape however, many are exposed to new and unfamiliar risks. The increasing number of privacy failings in private and public sectors demonstrates the need for potential impacts on privacy and security to be addressed.

We provide strategic privacy services to clients in a way that recognises the full life cycle of personal information collection and use. We are particularly experienced in developing privacy policy that puts in place meaningful privacy strategies and practices to guide your business. Our objective is to provide privacy advice that is meaningful and relevant to you; that best positions your business to minimise privacy risks and confidently take advantage of the rapidly developing tools and practices of the digital age. 

In addition to our privacy services, we have experience in providing a practical set of strategic cybersecurity and data protection services. These include performing risk and compliance assessments, assembling mitigation strategies, developing security frameworks and procedures, performing process audits, and providing health checks and good practice advice. Our approach is to grow cybersecurity and data protection awareness throughout the business and to support holistic and fit-for-purpose approaches to cybersecurity.

Our information and privacy services include:

Architectures & Classifications

Information Management

Data Analytics & Quality

Dictionaries & Metadata Management

Privacy Guidelines & Assessments

Cyber Security Advisory

Transformation and Change

Transformation - changing business to a new form - is a fundamental fact of life for organisations.

While it is essential for organisations to respond to stimulus and change as a result of a desire to innovate or environmental pressures, there are substantial costs associated with poor transformation. An appropriate level of investment in requirements, analysis and design, prior to transforming practices and systems, is vital.

Business applications that fail to meet business requirements are costly to develop, costly to fix, do not provide expected benefits, and may even damage the organisation's business and reputation. We can help mitigate the risk of application failure and help you to recover from projects that have gone off the rails.

We can take clients from business analysis and business requirements through system specification to proposal and tender documentation and evaluation, project management and pre- and post-implementation reviews.

Our transformation & change services include:

Business Analysis & Modelling

Requirements & Guidelines

Processes & Procedures

Solution Evaluation & Procurement

Program, Project & Change Management

Gateway & Implementation Review