Doll Martin Associates

So, why Doll Martin Associates?


We know what is needed to deliver value

At Doll Martin Associates, we bring a depth of knowledge and practical experience from a wide range of industry sectors to every job we do.  We gain deep understanding of our clients’ business and know what is needed to deliver real value.  Our consulting team is highly experienced and able to bring our insights to every project.


We develop pragmatic solutions specifically for you

We make sure that we understand your context and environment as well as any specific issues you are facing so that we can deliver a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your business.  We focus on providing practical solutions and a clear roadmap that you can confidently implement. We have a long history of serving the public sector, delivering results in a landscape of competing priorities and constraints. 


We are totally committed to achieving the best possible outcome

Our purpose is to satisfy your needs and we will always go the extra mile to work closely with you to make sure that you have the best possible result.  Our focus is on helping you make positive and sustainable change through effective use of information and transformation of your processes and technologies.


You know who you're getting

We know that our value comes ultimately from our people. When we work with you on a project, you'll meet the team that will listen to your concerns, that will work on your project and that will prepare and present your deliverables.  You know who will answer when you pick up the phone or send off an email. This accessibility, transparency, and honesty are key in making sure that every project is rigorous, worthwhile and valuable to your business.


" I appreciate the pragmatism on the costing side to produce realistic benefits. The documents you produced were well received by our Steering Committee and stakeholders.”  

- NSW Health Principal Project Manager